Bought one of your "Flare Busters" shortly after you introduced them to the market (a number of years ago), and after ordering another one for a different system, just wanted you to know that you have a great product. Instead of taking a compendium hood, lens caps, my hand, etc. to stop flare in my 4X5 lenses, I pack your small product in my backpack, or camera case, and I'm on my way to solve ANY flare problems in the field or on the job. Looking forward to the new "Flare Buster" for my 2 1/4 system.

I am a professional photographer working for Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, N.M. and my landscape pictures hang in galleries in Colorado. Your product WORKS!! Wish I had thought of the idea.

Bill Doty

"Your Flare Buster is tops. I have used it in my photographic endeavors for the last two years. It was purchased mainly for shielding flare but have found it to be the best accessory for macro photography I have in my camerabag. When I became affiliated with Johnson PhotoImaging and classroom instruction, I have seen many of my students go from mediocre to excellent with the use of their "FB's". Thank you so much for such a fine product".

Patricia Hanbery
Johnson PhotoImaging
Bradenton, FL

When we launched it here, the Flare Buster received overwhelming response from photographers, both professionals and amateurs. Most of them have read about the product from magazines. One of the comments we gather from end users is that the Flare Buster is a very versatile piece of accessory that enables them to work without assistance.

W.P. Lee
WPC Services

Every now and again a photo accessory comes along that is so rational---and useful---one wonders that it hadn't come along sooner. Last summer, I spent two weeks doing a lot of slide shooting in Vancouver and Whistler, B.C. and around Moraine Lake in the Rockies. What really pleased me was the SECURITY with which I was able to shoot several rolls of Ektachrome VS and Fujichrome Velvia in Larch Valley, in the late afternoon, capturing the changing colors of the larch trees. With the help of my trusty Flare Buster, I came back with images that allowed my high-saturation slide films to do what they do best, unhampered by lens flare, and was able to do it expeditiously with handheld exposures---and before the grislies decide to come out for dinner.

Steve Ember
Photography by Steve Ember
Springfield, VA

Thank you so much for your quick response to my problem. I received it Saturday and it's even better than I expected. I'll recommend your product whenever I can.

Kim Ashkettle
Chesterland, Ohio



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