The Flare Buster is a simple, versatile, lightweight, flexible arm attachment for the camera that shades the lens from glare. The Flare Buster easily mounts directly onto most standard hot shoes, and is firmly attached to the camera with a-ring-tightening system, much like a flash unit. "No longer is it necessary to hold a hat, piece of paper, or any other object to eliminate flare while photographing "one-handed", say its creators.

The Flare Buster clamp is perfect for supporting a variety of attachments, in addition to the lens shade, such as vignettes, filters, props or special masks. It can be used with many accessories that you already own. The clamp allows for fast easy changing of masks and filters without threading or turning. The Flare Buster kit also includes a connecting screw for attaching the Flare Buster to the tripod hole on the camera, or on the tripod itself. The arm is flexible but firm, allowing for unlimited positioning combinations, in the field or studio. The Flare Buster is also perfect for hard-to-shade zoom lenses. It folds easily and stores in any camera bag, purse or pocket. "Its uses are only limited by your imagination", praise the users of this versatile gadget. With the included adapting screw, the Flare Buster can also be used with point-and-shoot cameras and video cameras.

The Flare Buster Kit includes the Flare Buster arm, one 4 1/2" x 6" rigid shade, two 4" custom vignettes and two 4.5" x 5.5" gold and silver micro-reflectors. Flare Buster has recently been redesigned. The standard arm length is 15 inches.



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