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Flare Buster FAQ's


Q: What is the size of the FB?

A: The FB arm is 15".


Q: How much does the FB cost?

A: Prices vary depending upon distributors.


Q: What length of lens works with the FB?

A: Up to 300mm.


Q: How does the FB fit into the camera?

A: With a ring-tightening system that fits into any standard hot shoe.


Q: What if you don't have a standard hot shoe?

A: Newer Minolta's do not have a standard hot shoe (there is an adapter) and neither do some early Nikons. In this case, we provide 1/4" screws for attachment to the tripod hole on the bottom of the camera.


Q: What is the FB made of?

A: ABS plastic with rubber tubing over specially annealed aluminum wire.


Q: How heavy is the FB?

A: The FB is amazingly light in weight, slightly more than an ounce mounted. In spite of that, it is rugged and made to last. However, like most other quality accessories actually on the camera, the weight is negligible in use.


Q: How do I order Flare Buster?

A: Through mail order photographic supply outlets, and other Dealers --- some are linked on this website.



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